Master Class - Maintenance & Reliability 2023

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October 2-4th, 2023 we will be having a 3 day Master Class in Maintenance & Reliability, located in Las Vegas, NV.

This course can be very beneficial in passing both CMRT and CMRP exams.

Click below for the reading list for the CMRP:

Recommended Reading List


This Master Class in Maintenance & Reliability will work to build upon and assist companies on proper and proven techniques, as well as strategies for developing and striving towards a World Class operation across any industry.

Below are the topics covered during this training.

Day 1 Session:

  • RCM PF Curve & Where You Fit
  • Move from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance
  • The Business of Maintenance
  • Making Maintenance a Profit Center
  • Using maintenance Task & Repairs to Add Reliability
  • Developing a Maintenance Strategy
  • Predicting Failures
  • Review of the 6 Major Predictive Technologies
  • ---Mechanical Ultrasound, Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, Thermography, NDT, Wear Particle Analysis
  • When to use PdM / On what Equipment
  • Justifying the Technology for the Failure Mode
  • Details of Each Technology
  • Cost Justifying Predictive Maintenance
  • How to read & understand PdM reports and information

Day 2 Session:

  • Proactive Maintenance Techniques
  • Precison Maintenance Techniques
  • Alignment, Balance, Vibration, Resonance
  • Select Suppliers (reliability VS price)
  • Metrics & Goals
  • SMRP Metric Examples: OEE, TEEP, MTBF
  • Equipment Ranking – Asset Criticality methods & tools
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • People Skills
  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • RCD (Reliability Centered Design)
  • Training Programs & Written Procedures
  • Planning & Scheduling Principles
  • CMMS (Computerize Maintenance Management Systems)
  • Lubrication Excellence Program

Day 3 Session:

  • Specific Equipment Failure Modes
  • Mechanical seals, Motors, Bearings, V-Belts
  • RCM and Failure Modes Training
  • Sample RCM Database Review
  • PM Strategies & PM Optimization
  • Asset Criticality & Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset Criticality Exercise/Demo

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Excellent training course for the CMRP & CMRT Certifications

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