Sales & Delivery


Any purchases made on our Web Store Front will be sent AFTER your credit card payment has been successfully processed.  Due to fraud issues in the past, direct downloads after purchase is not available.  Typically you will receive your download files within the date of purchase.

During your order, your payment information is processed by secure payment processing company Stripe.  They will run the appropriate security and fraud checks.  

Once your payment has been successfully completed, you will receive your purchased product.  If this is a Digital purchase, you will receive the item purchased via the email address provided during your order.  Please be aware, as made clear in the Terms & Conditions page Digital Downloads are NOT available for refund after it has been digitally delivered.


Our web store is fully secured using 256-Bit SSL Certificate.  Absolutely NO Credit Card information is stored locally in our system or databases.  All transactions go through Stripe via SSL transaction.  Every page on our website is SSL Secured so your connection is secure at all times while visiting or purchasing through RPS.