Asset Criticality Database 2.0

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The Asset Criticality Database or Equipment Ranking Database is an essential tool for prioritizing and managing assets at your facility.

  • Rank assets in Safety, Environmental, Quality, Food Safety, Operations and Maintenance [please see note at bottom].
  • Completely customizable fields to add your own ranking areas specific to your facility  [please see note at bottom].
  • Ranking questions completely customizable.  Develop, change, or delete at any time.
  • Updated reporting system for maximum understanding of the data exported from the process.
  • View value of each piece of equipment with area breakdowns.
  • Built-in Pareto Charts and Histogram Charts.
  • Software has ability to  Export to other programs and systems.  Excel is the default integration.
  • Beneficial for ISO 55000 - Asset Management Standards.

Note: Software purchase is licensed per facility.  The software by default comes "empty", there are no ranking areas or questions entered.  This is so you can develop from scratch, all the custom ranking areas your facility needs.  However you can also receive a copy that includes the base fields listed above by default, and some base ranking questions.  The software is designed to be entirely flexible to your facility needs.

When ordering be sure to select "empty" or "starter".  The program functions and cost are the same.  One copy just comes with a few fields already entered in to get you started, fields can be added or deleted with a 1 click, then add or delete.